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Meet Mayor Erin

Erin Stewart is the 40th Mayor of the City of New Britain, Connecticut. She was first elected at the age of 26 in November 2013 and is currently serving a fourth term. She is the youngest mayor in the city’s history and the only female mayor of New Britain to be elected to more than one term. Despite Democrats outnumbering Republicans by a six-to-one margin in the city, Mayor Stewart has received a growing share of the vote in every election cycle and even holds a Republican majority on the City Council.

Stewart was first elected to public office in 2011 when she served on the Board of Education for the Consolidated School District of New Britain. She is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University. Upon taking office in 2013, Mayor Stewart was immediately faced with a $30 million budget shortfall. Since then, she has led the implementation of a five-point plan to turn around the City’s finances. These changes have led to growth on the City’s Grand List for several consecutive years, a boost in the City’s S&P bond rating by four notches to “A+,” and the creation of a business-friendly community where developers and new businesses are interested - and confident - in investing.

From infrastructure improvements in parks and schools, being named a 2016 and 2017 “All-America City” by the National Civic League, beautification projects, eliminating chronic family homelessness, boosting community pride, an energy and innovation initiative, and the creation of more than 700 new jobs, Mayor Stewart has helped to usher in a new era for New Britain.

Mayor Stewart has received numerous awards and recognition for her service and leadership. She has been the subject of in-depth profiles by national media outlets such as the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Time Magazine, and Newsmax, which in January 2016 named her to the top of their “30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30” list.


State Senate Endorsements:

Barbara Ruhe - SD. 1
Matthew Corey - SD.4
Gennaro Bizzarro - SD.6
John Kissel - SD.7
Kevin Witkos - SD.8
Richie Ruglio - SD. 9
Rob Sampson - SD.16
George Logan SD.17
Steve Weir SD.19
Paul Formica SD.20
Kevin Kelly SD.21
Steven Choi - SD. 22
Susan Chapman SD.24
Ellie Kousidis SD.25
Kim Healy SD.26
Tony Hwang SD.28
Craig Miner SD.30
Henri Martin SD.31
Brendan Saunders SD.33
Paul Cicarella SD.34
Dan Champagne SD. 35
Ryan Fazio SD.36

State House Endorsements:

Dan Carter - HD. 2
Tim Ackert - HD. 8
Cathy Hopperstad - HD. 9
Tom Delnicki - HD. 14
Leslee Hill - HD. 17
Rick Bush - HD. 18
Alberto Cortes - HD. 20
William Petit, Jr. - HD. 22
Devin Carney - HD. 23
Alden Russell - HD. 24
Jerrell Hargraves - HD. 25
Piotr Ceglarz - HD. 26
Michael Camillo - HD. 27
Patrick Pentalow - HD. 28
Henry Vasel - HD. 29
Donna Veach - HD. 30
Stewart “Chip” Beckett - HD. 31
Irene Haines - HD. 34
Robert Siegrist - HD. 36
Holly Cheeseman - HD. 37
Kathleen McCarty - HD. 38
Kurt Vail - HD. 52
Tammy Nuccio - HD. 53
Robin Green - HD. 55
Laura Bush - HD. 56
David Stavens HD. 57
Mary Ann Turner - HD. 58
Carol Hall - HD. 59
Scott A. Storms - HD. 60
Tami Zawistowski - HD. 61
Brian Ohler - HD. 64
Christopher Beyus - HD. 65
William Buckbee - HD. 67
Joe Polletta - HD. 68
Rosa Rebimbas - HD. 70
Anthony D’Amellio - HD. 71
Stephanie Cummings - HD. 74
John Piscopo - HD. 76
Cara Pavalock D’Amato - HD. 77
Whit Betts - HD. 78
David Rackliffe - HD. 79
Gale Mastrofrancesco - HD. 80
John Fusco - HD. 81
Mike Skelps - HD. 82
Lou Arata - HD. 83
Weston Ulbrich - HD. 85
Vincent Candelora - HD. 86
David Yaccarino - HD. 87
Kathleen Hoyt - HD. 88
Lezlye Zupkus - HD. 89
Eric Mastroianni - HD. 96
Erin Reilly - HD. 97
Joseph Zullo - HD. 99
Tony Gennaro - HD. 100
Noreen Kokoruda - HD. 101
Marc Riccio - HD. 102
Myra Rivers - HD. 104
Mitch Bolinsky - HD. 106
Stephen Harding - HD. 107
Patrick Callahan - HD. 108
Bob Hebert - HD. 111
JP Sredzinski - HD. 112
Jason Perillo - HD. 113
Charles Ferraro - HD. 117
Kathy Kennedy - HD. 119
Ben McGorty - HD. 122
David Rutigliano - HD. 123
Tom O’Dea - HD. 125
David Labriola - HD. 131
Brian Farnen - HD. 132
Caleb Espinosa - HD. 139
Fred Wilms - HD. 142
Patricia Zucaro - HD. 143
Kimberly Fiorello - HD. 149
Joe Kelly - HD. 150
Harry Arora - HD. 151


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